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osCommerce Online Merchant helps you sell products worldwide with your own online store. Its Administration Tool manages products, customers, orders, newsletters, specials, and more to successfully build the success of your online business.

osCommerce has attracted a large community of store owners and developers who support each other and have provided over 6,000 free add-ons that can extend the features and potential of your online store.

Server Capabilities

PHP Version 7.2.26-he.0

PHP Settings
register_globals Off
magic_quotes Off
file_uploads On
session.auto_start Off
session.use_trans_sid On

Required PHP Extensions

Optional PHP Extensions

New Installation

mysql The MySQL extension is required but is not installed. Please enable it to continue installation.

Please correct the above errors and retry the installation procedure with the changes in place.

Changing webserver configuration parameters may require the webserver service to be restarted before the changes take affect.